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Name:Finnick Odair - The Hunger Games
Location:District 4, Panem

Finnick Odair

Appearance: Finnick Odair is described as being extremely handsome, tall, muscular, and athletic. He has tan skin, bronze tinted hair, and deep sea green eyes. This makes him extremely popular with the people in the Capitol. It's been said by Katniss Everdeen says Finnick never needed to do anything for sponsors because he had natural beauty, and that no tribute could overcome this.
Personality: Finnick can come off as flirty and uses a seductive purr in his voice when he speaks. This does him well in the time after becoming a victor being sold he manages to get them to tell him their secrets, due to this life he known for having many lovers in the Capitol. It's the side he lets people see, but under it he's funny and easy going. He has a deep love for a girl back home, named Annie Cresta. He's kind and gentle with her due to her mental state, and tries to keep her grounded. When he's happy he as Katniss says, "radiates life".

Many in the Capitol are taken by him to the point before the Third Quarter Quell he recites a poem to his one true love (Annie Cresta), making many citizens in the audience faint because they believe it is about them.
Bio: Finnick Odair is from Panem, District 4. District 4 is one of the districts that have career tributes, which train to play in the games. When Finnick was just 14 he won the 65th Hunger Games after being mentored by victor Mags. During the games he was given a trident along with many other gifts, which is thought to be the most expensive gift ever during the games. The trident helped him as he was good with one coming from the fishing district. Using the trident and trapping his opponents in net, which he made with his own hands from vines, he speared them to death. After his victory President Snow forced him into prostitution, but instead of money Finnick asked for their deep secrets from his lovers. Besides being proficient with a trident he is also good with knives and spears. For the nine years after his games he was also mentor to new tributes.

When President Snow announces that the Third Quarter Quell will have tributes from each Districts victors, Finnick is selected along with Annie, however his mentor Mags volunteers in Annie's place. He meets Katniss Everdeen and ends up flirting with her. For the opening ceremonies he is put in a golden net which leaves him naked besides knots near his crotch. Finnick sees Katniss shooting down the fake birds first day along with the rest of the tributes and is impressed. He talks to Katniss he exchanges an hour of archery lessons from her to teaching her an hour of trident lessons. During training sessions he notices Katniss over at the knot tying station and goes and helps her finish one of the more complicated knots. Being from District 4 he's good with knots and even the complicated ones seems easy to him. Later that day Finnick finds Katniss again and introduces her to Mags, whom Katniss ends up liking a lot. During his interview with Caesar Flickerman, he recites a poem to his one true love, making at least one hundred citizens in the audience faint because they believe it is about them. He, along with every other victor, holds hands together at the end of the interviews as a sign of rebellion.

Finnick is the second to arrive at the Cornucopia after Katniss, finding a trident and a net. He suggests an alliance and though she's not sure it's wise she notices a gold bracelet from Haymitch Abernathy, a signal she should ally with Finnick. Not fully trusting him still, Katniss remains wary of his every move. Katniss is suspicious of what motivates him to retrieve Peeta from his platform and offers to do it herself, but Finnick alludes to her fake pregnancy and carries Peeta, who cannot swim to shore. From that point on, Finnick, Mags, Katniss, and Peeta form an alliance. Finnick gives mouth-to-mouth to Peeta Mellark when he walks into the force field and his heart stops, bringing him back. After the first day announcements of deaths Finnick, along with Mags are hurt, as they had become friends with these other victors. A sponsor however sends a gift which distracts them all. Finnick allows Peeta to claim it because he had died briefly and no one is sure of the gifts purpose. What they receive is a spire which comes in handy for the group as they were without water for so long.

That night, a poisonous fog emits and wakes the four. Finnick carries Mags, but the fog renders Peeta unable to run and Katniss struggles to help him. Finnick helps by carrying Peeta while Katniss carries Mags. The fog soon starts to get the better of Katniss and she can no longer carry Mags. Finnick can't carry both Mags and Peeta; so Mags sacrifices herself, bolting into the fog and dying in order to allow Finnick to carry Peeta, so that he will survive. Finnick is both emotionally unnerved by Mags' death and the nerves in his body were damaged by the toxic fog. Katniss and Peeta help him to recover by putting him in the water from the beach to rinse him off. When the monkey mutts attack them, Finnick doesn't hesitate and engages them with his trident.

Finnick along with Katniss are attacked by jabberjay attack and the birds' voices mimic the voices of people they love screaming in pain. Finnick hears the voice of Annie Cresta and calls out for her, revealing to Katniss who he loves back home. He loses it thinking that his love is being killed and even though Katniss kills the jabberjay it doesn't calm him. Once they escape Peeta and others assure them the sounds can be faked and Finnick attempts to relax in the water. Later that night Finnick has another night of restless sleep and occasionally murmurs Annie's name. Finnick assists Beetee with his plan, along with Peeta, while Katniss and Johanna set up the electric coil trap. After the line is cut and Johanna removes Katniss' tracker, in what seems like a vicious attack at the time, Finnick chases Enobaria to get her away from Katniss.

After the arena is destroyed, Finnick, Beetee, and Katniss are rescued by a hovercraft from Plutarch Heavensbee who tells Katniss in the hovercraft that he was unable to go back for Peeta and Johanna, though he wanted to. Finnick wants to go to District 4 to get Annie but Plutarch tells him they can't, though he puts in a special order for her retrieval. It is revealed during this time that Finnick and Beetee were part of a plan to overthrow the Capitol all along. After Katniss awakens she goes into the room where Finnick, Haymitch and Plutarch are talking. When Katniss learns about the rebels, District 13, and the plan to overthrow the Capitol Finnick stops Katniss from clawing at Haymitch's face with her nails. Finnick tells her that he wishes Johanna, Peeta, Enobaria and all the others would just die so that they didn't have to suffer anymore. Finnick leaves Katniss alone, returning to Plutarch and Haymitch. Finnick comes to find out Annie was taken by the Capitol and is being tortured for information on the rebellion. One of the only ways he kept himself sane was by making knots on a rope, over and over again. Katniss noticed he was distracted and in grief. She calls for him but he does not respond, Katniss shakes him and when he noticed Katniss was calling him, he stopped tying knots and grips her hand in relief to see a familiar face. Finnick asks why they are meeting here and she informs him about her role as the mockingjay and her conditions. Finnick is happy when he hears her condition for immunity of victors being held because of his love, Annie.

Finnick and Katniss go to the woods in District 13 to hunt since Gale is busy helping Beetee make weapons. Katniss talks about the interview with him and is glad he is there to listen to her. Finnick comforts her and helps her through the pain she is feeling. After Katniss sees interviews involving Peeta in the Capitol she begins losing it thinking of him being tortured to do it. Finnick gives Katniss a rope to tie when she needs to be distracted from her feelings. After the bombing during the night, Katniss goes to Finnick to share her thoughts on President Snow's plan. Finnick tells her he is doing the same with him but with Annie. Finnick shares with her the first time he knew Katniss did indeed love Peeta, during the 75th Hunger Games when he ran into the force field and almost died. Finnick admits he misjudged Katniss. While shooting a propo Katniss can't take it anymore and breaks down along with Finnick.

A rescue mission is planned to get Peeta and Annie to help get Katniss and Finnick back in the right mindset for the rebellion. To distract the Capitol from the rescue mission, Finnick and Katniss do an interview where he states President Snow has remained President of Panem for so long because he poisons all those who could become threats. He also states that Snow uses victors, like when he made Finnick sell his body to wealthy Capitol citizens for high prices. Finnick waits with Katniss until Haymitch informs them the rescue party has arrived. Finnick and Annie embrace and he takes her to receive medical attention for the wounds she received from being tortured by the Capitol. Finnick and Annie marry shortly after the rescue.

While on the mission to President Snow's mansion, the group was attacked by lizard-human muttations Katniss hears a yell from the tunnel. She shined the flashlight down and saw Finnick fighting with the mutts. While fighting off the mutts, Finnick was decapitated before Katniss could rescue him.
Disclaimer: Finnick Odair is from The Hunger Games Trilogy, and is the property of Suzanne Collins. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in various places, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Muse and mun over 18. Will totes go AU with this boy. If you need to contact the mun PM or post here

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